STEM Sampler 2017

Crime Scene Markers Workshop Eventbrite - Crime Scene Markers Workshop

Learn more about how to solve crime through detection, collection, and comparison of physical evidence – specifically DNA, fingerprints, drug detection and digital traces. Anacortes Police Officers use science and technology daily to solve crimes. Detectives will share insight into how they use a wide range of crime scene markers including computer forensics, fingerprints and footprints, along with various chemical compounds to detect narcotics.


Scientific Beach Surveying Field Trip Eventbrite - Scientific Beach Surveying Field Trip

Do you like exploring on the beach? If you do, then this workshop may be for you! Join local citizen scientists at the Fidalgo Bay Resort as they survey the beaches for the presence of Surf Smelt eggs. Learn why forage fish like Surf Smelt are so vitally important to a healthy marine ecosystem. Every student will get hands-on experience in each of the steps of an authentic scientific beach survey. With luck, maybe you will discover some of these little treasures!