The STEM Scholarships are funded by parents of Anacortes High School graduates who received scholarships through ASF. These parents are very grateful for the economic relief they were provided by the scholarships. Now that their children have graduated, they have chosen to “pay it forward” and have donated the funds so that others may also be helped with the costs of higher education, which is so beneficial in today’s society.     

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Can be awarded to graduating seniors or currently enrolled college students
  • Attending a 4-year university which is accredited in the field of study.
  • Planning to major in a STEM field
  • Must be in good academic standing and have a GPA greater than 3.0
  • Must have taken AP science and/or math at high school level or via Running Start
  • Target students who are not necessarily at the top of the class, but have the potential to do well in college
  • Financial need may be a consideration, but academics is primary