Since 1982, the Anacortes Schools Foundation (ASF) has accepted planned gifts as part of our scholarship program.  Today, in keeping with our expanded areas of support, we offer a number of ways to leave a gift in your will that will help Anacortes students.  Through the ASF Planned Giving Program, you can leave a legacy gift for scholarships, general program support, STEM, Early Learning and more.  

What is a planned gift?  A planned gift is a donation which is legally provided for during the donor’s lifetime, but whose principle benefits will not accrue to the ASF until some future date.  

What kind of planned gifts does ASF accept?

  1. Bequests. A bequest is a written statement in a donor’s will or trust directing that specific assets, or a percentage of the estate, will be transferred to ASF at the donor’s death. They can take many forms, donating stocks, retirement accounts, IRAs, cash, insurance, etc and are completely controlled by the donor until their death.  
  2. Retirement Plans and IRAs.  A second type of expectancy involves naming ASF as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA. This gifting opportunity merely involves obtaining a beneficiary designation form from the retirement plan administrator and naming a ASF as the entire, or partial, beneficiary of the retirement plan assets upon the owner’s death. A donor may achieve significant income and estate tax savings by naming a charity as the beneficiary of the retirement plan assets.

What is the ASF Legacy Society?  The ASF Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have included ASF in their will or estate plan.  ASF recognizes all planned giving donors, regardless of amount pledged or program supported. ASF requests that donors provide a copy of the legal document that references the donor’s gift, but documents are not required for listing in the ASF Legacy Society.  In the absence of the above, ASF requires a written statement from the donor summarizing the gift arrangement. 

How do we join the ASF Legacy Society and make a planned gift?  Fill out the ASF Legacy Society Form.  ASF will contact you regarding details of what you wish to support and will send gift use or scholarship agreements as required.

Additional Information

Legal Counsel: Donors should consult with their own legal counsel before entering into any legal arrangements with the ASF.  ASF shall not give legal or advice or specific tax information to prospective donors.  

Confidentiality: All information about a donor or named income beneficiaries, including names, ages, gift amounts, and net worth should be kept strictly confidential by the organization unless permission is obtained from the donor to release such information.

Approval of Planned Gifts

ASF reserves the right to refuse any planned gift, or enter into any planned gift arrangement, that is not in ASF’s best interest. 

All planned gifts will meet the guidelines of the Policies and Procedures document. 

All planned gift agreements will be approved by the ASF Board and signed by the Executive Director and ASF President.  

For furher information, call Marta McClintock, our Executive Director at 360-488-2343