2014-ASF scholarships

More than 50 Anacortes High School graduates received scholarships at this week’s scholarship ceremony hosted by the Anacortes Schools Foundation at Brodniak Hall on the AHS campus. After the ceremony, the students gathered on stage for a group photo. (Hi-rez photo - 8 MB)

The following students were among the recipients.

Colleen Anderson, Sarah Askey, Kelly Ann Atterberry, Mitchell Babarovich, Tyler Baker, Chris Barefield, Jesse Bass, Ben Bellusci, Chloe Bisping, Emily Bright, Jackson Burgess, Summer Burton, Kyle Campbell, Carly Christenson, Justin Costanza, Louisa Crowe, Liam Darrow, Belen DeLeon, Jared Doolittle, Joseph Faulkner, Elisa Franssen, Natasha Gegen, Ruyang He, Selena Hernandez, Kylan Hopper, Daniel Howard, Kylee Knudson, Emma Knutson, Madison Mackenzie, April Masters, Kayla Matthews, Katherine McCarrol, Miranda Millard, Justin Murray, Jennifer Noar, Blake Norton, Hannah Parker, Victoria Rains, Mary Ellen Reyna, Jose Alex Rodriguez, Gunnar Ronngren, Lily Sadighmehr, Ryan Simonis, Stavroula Tsitsiragos, Stella Tsitsiragos, Morgan Vance, Sean Welch, Madeline Welch, Jillian Welk, and MacKenzie Wight.

The Anacortes Schools Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) volunteer organization which functions independently of the school district for the benefit of students, educators, and community. Created in 1984 from just one family's donation, ASF now manages more than $1.8 million in endowments and distributes more than $95,000 in annual scholarships.