Early Learning includes many individual programs as we recognize that every dollar spent on a local child before required schooling begins results in dramatic savings at every later stage of the child's life. "If you have any questions about ASF Preschool Scholarships, please contact your child's preschool Director or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Early Learning Scholarships

We offer donors an opportunity to help parents secure child care for their children while the parents pursue education to secure employment.  We work with Head Start, 14 Anacortes child care providers and others. Applicants must meet requirements and submit updates to receive financial help for child care. Some providers waive some fees for some children. The average cost is $250 per month per child; a "scholarship" (and donors often help set the terms of the scholarship they fund) for ten months is $2,500, usually payable twice a year and tied to school terms.

Early Learning Social/Emotional Support

We offer funds for social/emotional assessments of student having difficulties in private Anacortes pre-schools. Under the program a consultant comes to the school. An assessment can be done in group or individual setting. The pre-school teachers benefit by observation and the resulting recommended action plan. Students benefit by having issues identified earlier, parents are nearly always supportive and anxious to help their children begin remedies.
Lunches and Learning takes the summer lunch program to a whole new level, with community members volunteering to read to children at free lunches during the summer when federal Free and Reduced Lunch programs are on hiatus. This program has moved to the Boys & Girls Club.
Reach Out and Read places carefully selected books in local pediatricians' offices for the doctors to share with very young patients at well baby visits, and demonstrates to young and first-time parents the powerful results of reading to children early and often. For more informatiom on this program, reach out to Reach Out & Read Web site.