Richard A. Waldron was a graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in Education and of the University of Washington in Chemistry.  He taught for nine years in junior and senior high schools and afterwards worked for 20 years in research for Weyerhaeuser Timber Company.  In 1965, he moved his family to Anacortes to work as a Sales Manager for Northwest Petro Chemical Company. After his retirement (at age 65), he developed a product from alder bark that acted as a glue extender for plywood glues.  He set up his own plant and company near Marysville to manufacture this product.  Richard Waldron was an active community member during his 20 years of living in Anacortes.  Some of the organization he supported and belonged to were Boy Scouts, Red Cross, Board of Adjustments, City Planning Committee, Rotary and the Methodist Church.  He always felt Anacortes was a special place to live and he enjoyed being a part of the community.  His Wife Margie oversaw this scholarship until her death in 2009.

Marjorie Waldron, a longtime Anacortes resident, passed away in January 2010. Born in 1915, Marjorie was orphaned at an early age.  In spite of her childhood hardships, she graduated from Washington State Normal School (now Western Washington University) in 1936.  Marjorie’s life was marked by a devotion to children. She taught grade school in Longview, Washington prior to her marriage to Richard Waldron in 1941. In addition to being a devoted mother, she was an active member of Chapter W of the Philanthropic Education Organization, the Dr. Gordon Brooks Children’s Hospital Auxiliary, and a lifetime member of the PTA.  Marjorie continued to be a great example to her friends and family, even in her senior years. One of her last achievements in a long and amazing life was climbing Sauk Mountain at the age of 90. Mrs. Waldron would be pleased to know that her commitment to education and community continues with the Richard and Marjorie Waldron Scholarships.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Graduating senior attending Washington state college or 2-year vocational program
  • Evidence of good character & responsible citizenship
  • GPA 3.0 or above in 10th-12th grade