Tracy O. Deskin was born in Elmer, MO, on November 21, 1921, to Charles and Ruth Deskin. He passed away in Anacortes, WA on November 9, 2014. Tracy graduated from Elmer High School in 1939. He served as a B-17 bomber in the US Army Air Corps during WW II, flying over 25 missions, and was honorably discharged on May 19, 1961.Tracy met his future wife, Zillah, on a boat to Alaska when they were both relocating there. He settled in Alaska in 1951, and they were married in 1953. After leaving the service, Tracy continued to work as a civilian for the Army and Air Force until his retirement in 1983. Following retirement the Deskins relocated to Anacortes. Tracy was a civil engineer and Zillah was an artist, so they wanted to establish scholarships to support students pursing further education in both the arts and engineering.

The scholarship seeks to encourage outstanding Anacortes High School graduates to continue their education through attendance at a college, university or trade school to better prepare them for an ever-changing world.

Selection Criteria

Scholarships will be awarded to those pursuing an education in Arts and Sciences or vocational school. If two or more scholarships are awarded in a year, a minimum of one scholarship should be awarded to a student pursuing studies in the Arts, and a minimum of one scholarship should awarded to a student pursuing a degree in Engineering.